Thickest, thinner, thinnest! With the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Grand Ultra Thin, Breitling Superocean 42 & Oris ProDiver Chronograph.

A brief read today and another comparative blog post, today comparing the varying thicknesses of watches! From our hands down thickest watch right down to our most slimline piece in stock here at The Watch Source Preowned!

19mm – Oris ProDiver Chronograph 51mm 01 774 7727 7154DSC_0460.JPG

We’ll begin with the must chunky piece in stock by a long way! The Oris ProDiver Chronograph 51mm 01 774 7727 7154 is an absolute hulk of a watch! measuring in at 51mm across and 19mm tall. In a way, the dimensions of a watch are linked to its function. This is certainly true for the Oris ProDiver. With a water resistance rating of 1000 meters (100 bar). The resulting water pressure would be 186KG on the crystal alone, so the crystal, case back and other case features of the watch would have to be beefed up significantly to withstand the astronomical water pressure this results in a huge case and a particularly thick crystal and case back, meaning a very tall case! Additionally, this piece features an automatic chronograph movement. The addition of the cam-operated chronograph module adds to the height of the movement leading to a watch with certainly noticeable dimensions!

14mm – Breitling Superocean 42 a1736402/ba29-1lts DSC_0462

At much more conventional dimensions comes our Breitling Superocean 42 a1736402/ba29-1lts comes in at 14mm tall and 42mm across. Without the need for a thick case to withstand exorbitant water pressures and omitting the chronograph module. the height can be reduced significantly! This piece is more of the average case dimensions one would come across in the wild, hence we’ve selected this as our Goldilocks middle piece! Breitling are most commonly known for their larger case sizes. However, Superocean 42 comes in much more reasonably and fits without discomfort on any wrist size!

7.5mm – Jaeger LeCoultre Master Grand Ultra Thin 40mm 1358420DSC_0465

Next, at by far the thinnest watch here at the watch source comes the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Grand Ultra Thin 40mm 1358420 at only 7.5mm! If you are looking for a sleek, wristwatch but with a recognisable presence on the wrist then you have found it! Due to the 40mm lateral case size despite its elegant vertical measurements (or lack thereof) the watch maintains “An imposing presence on the wrist” as put by JLC themselves!


The thickness of a watch is of similar importance to the case width and everyone has the range of dimensions that they are most comfortable with! Many individuals find that a watch may sit too tall on the wrist, perhaps it doesn’t fit beneath a cuff or maybe you find you’re too often banging it against door handles to manage! Oppositely, some may find a watch is too slender on the wrist, they feel it isn’t heavy enough perhaps and are used to a more substantial case! I am a firm believer that there is a perfect watch for everyone, and that you should wear whatever case dimensions suit you the closest, thin or large!

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