Tag Heuer VS Omega – Which Brand is better?

Tag Heuer make some great mechanical watches, Quartz watches, some very precise Chronographs and more recently to the market some very luxurious Smart watches known as Tag Connected. They have some great iconic watches which are linked to 007, Motor Racing legends and more.


Omega… Omega make fine watches also. They haven’t spread their wings into the Smart Technology but they do make some seriously impressive mechanical watches. They have the iconic Speedmaster – which maybe is more commonlyknown now as the ‘Moonwatch’ for obvious reasons.

James Bond has always stayed loyal to Omega with Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and more recently Daniel Craig who is a very high profile ambassador for Omega.
Promotional buzz aside, being swayed by these actors and motor racing legends to part with your hard earned cash, well, I think it’s more than that. Before you take the plunge you want to know it’s actually worth the money? After all those mentioned above haven’t forked out have they?!


What then becomes important is the mechanical engineering behind these timepieces. Will it be dependable, meet my lifestyle requirements, water resistance, complications, investment, durability, accuracy, size etc….you may also want it to be noticed for its style or colour.


I think that really most of us are firstly unfortunately governed by our budget and whilst it is always nice to dream and Timepiece aspirations…..both these Brands pack a punch in different ways and if you are lucky enough to be wearing either Brand then I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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