Tom Brady and TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is one of the most well known brands of Swiss avant-garde watches and have been since its founding in 1860. Most prominently a watch designed to include horological craftsmanship and refined style, paralleling this, TAG have also greatly affiliated themselves with many features of the sporting world, most accountable in the extreme motor sport of Formula 1. On this topic, among the various names in  sport, that TAG have associated with, some of these being Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, Tennis pro Key Nishikori and Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna is NFL quarterback and 5 time superbowl champion Tom Brady. A man widely regarded for his right arm, is now also being recognised by his left wrist that is rushing the field of fashion.


October 13th 2015 saw Tom Brady become one of the newest members to the Heuer team becoming one of the big names amongst the many in the TAG Heuer family with an ambassadorship . Brady met with LVMH watch group president and TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver in New York for the launch of the new Carrera – Heuer 01 skeleton range, shown below.


 As a sports athlete well known for his ability to recover from difficult situations on the field, having Tom Brady as an ambassador definitely lends itself well to their famous motto ‘Don’t crack under pressure’. Proven in this years Superbowl where Brady managed to close a 25 point deficit against the Atlanta falcons in the last quarter of the game winning the Superbowl for the 5th time in his career.





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