Watch Buyers Guide – Dial

Protected under the crystal of a watch is the dial. First to choose is the shape that you prefer: round, rectangular or oval.

Then there are the markers used to measure the passage of time. They are usually either: arabic numbers, roman numerals, indices or a mixture of them.

Underneath the main-dial, ‘compilations’ will reveal sub-dials to tell the wearer anything from: the date, day of the week, 24 hour time, a second time zone, or the progression of a timer.

Another thing to consider are the dial’s decorations. Lots of women’s watches will use a mother of pearl dial to increase the lustre and shimmer of the watch when telling the time.

Rolex adds value to their watches like the Submariner by using 18k white gold on the dials hour markers and hands. Setting themselves apart from there similarly priced competitors.