Wrist Measurement – A guide to sizing the perfect watch.

When investing in a Watch, you want to make sure that it fits perfectly.  Even more so when you are purchasing over the internet, this will avoid any further expense in having to visit a local jeweller to adjust your bracelet. And not only will this incur additional expense, most local jewellers are not competent watchmakers and are much more likely to damage the links. And there is nothing more painful than looking at damage to your luxury wristwatch before it has even made it to your wrist!

The Key to a perfectly fitted watch is Comfort and security. People have different ideas on what fit is perfect but the general consensus is it should be loose enough so that it’s not marking/indenting the wrist in any way but sufficiently tight to ensure it doesn’t constantly slide excessively up and down your wrist or even in extreme cases face all the way around. A watch that is loose is more likely to suffer impact damage and scratches to the crystal or bezel and case as it rotates around the wrist and ends up crystal side down if it is significantly loose. Similarly, if it is an automatic watch, the sliding of the watch will absorb all the kinetic energy of the motion of your wrist and not correctly wind the movement. Causing the watch to run unreliably or potentially stop altogether as a result of the complete exhaustion of the mainspring.

We would like you to have the easiest and most enjoyable watch buying experience with The Watch Source, and we’re sure at this stage, you have already chosen the watch you love, so by following the link below, you can receive it likely as perfectly fitted as possible without even trying it on!


Should you run into any issues feel free to call us on 01441 801130 (for Intl: +44 1441 801130) or email us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to help!

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