Three watches: same functions, over £14,000 price difference! Why?

It’s our 50th blog post! and to celebrate we have some really cool watches out!

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Some watches are expensive, and some aren’t! This is the sad truth for all high end watch enthusiasts as the most desirable pieces are often the most expensive! Take the current Rolex market and in particular the skyrocketing prices of steel 40mm sports watches. However, if we took 3 watches. All with the exact same function: A bi-compax chronograph with date. And then told you there was a £14,550 price difference, I think you’d wonder just like we did where this immense price difference comes from and whether it is justified!


Let’s start with the least expensive model of our line up! Note these prices are not the RRP of these watches it is the price of pre-owned pieces found on our website

Our first piece is the Gucci G Class YA05528 at only £400.


There is a lot to be admired with this watch! constructed entirely of stainless steel with a brushed finish to the bracelet and top of the bezel. However, there is also a mix of finishes too which generally wouldn’t be expected from a piece at this price point. With the classically styled lugs and case edges adorned with a polished finish along with the heavily chamfered edge of the bezel. the Bezel resembles an oversized capital ‘G’ with the bezel protruding into the sapphire crystal and being recessed just above to make up the well recognised Gucci ‘G’ logo. Likely requiring a custom cut sapphire crystal with AR coating which again would be tough to find on a different watch at a similar price bracket! The bracelet too is surprisingly high quality for this price and features integrated lugs and a sleek push-button butterfly clasp. The dial is quite magnificent. With radially turned sub dials with the totaliser track on a raised steel ring also with a turned finish. The dial is divided into different circular sectors the innermost sector having expanding groves emanating from the handset, the second being a thin matte ring with no finish containing the Gucci branding and ‘Chronoscope’ text. The third, again featuring deep grooves with the white hour markers standing raised from the dial. The final sector, containing only the white minute track with a subtle turned finish. As I said, there is a lot to be admired. Of course at this price, the movement is quartz but with case and dial work as understatedly complex as this piece’s the value for money preowned is quite clear!


Our next step up is the Tag Heuer Monaco caw2110.fc6177 with a price tag of £2,350


Like we said in the opening paragraph these watches all have the same function! this 2017 Tag Heuer Monaco is no exception, with a bi-compax chronograph with a 30 minutes chronograph totaliser and date window. So where does the £1,950 price gulf come from! Here, the biggest difference is the Swiss made Tag Heuer Calibre 12 automatic chronograph movement! As well as the brand name itself. Unlike Gucci, Tag Heuer has been in the watch business in one form or another for 160 years this year, Originating as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in 1860 and have since developed a worldwide reputation for fine watchmaking. The build and finish quality is miles above that of the Gucci watch and the price difference in this instance is understandable and justifiable! Especially with the exhibition caseback showing off the côtes de Genève rotor and perlage main plate! 303

Our final and by far most impressive is Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronograph 356-66-8/354 commanding an eye watering price of £16,800 but now reduced on our website to £14,950.


What a piece this is! £12,600 more than our Tag Heuer Monaco but as we’ve said, the exact same function! The only difference being this chronograph has a 45 minute totaliser

instead of a 30 minute like the Gucci and Tag Heuer but this is a minor difference in the grand scheme of things. So where does that extra £12,600 come from? Well with this watch I’m pretty sure you have guessed it by now! The entire case and bracelet is made from solid 18ct rose gold! If the saying: something is worth its weight in gold then it is true both figuratively and literally it applies to this watch! Weighing in at an astounding 303 grams! To put that into perspective, 303 grams is slightly more than wearing TWO Rolex GMT-Master IIs on the same wrist ( and technically one on top of the other!). Similarly, the build quality and detail on the Uylsse Nardin are much finer than the Tag Heuer as is to be expected. The hands are made of thermally blued steel and contrast the warm tones of the gold case, especially when combined to the blue hue cast on the crystal by the AR coating. The quality and clarity of the dial is also exceedingly fine and exudes opulence and class with the ivory sector dial and complementing gold rimmed roman numerals at the 12 & 6 hour markers. This piece also featuring a numbered plate on the side of the watch, of course… in solid rose gold! The calibre UN-35 is also much more decorated than the Tag Heuer Cal with a 22ct guilloche rotor and curved Côtes de Genève finish adorning the rest of the visible movement through the case back.


Watches can definitely be expensive! Even a simple steel watch when equipped with a minute repeater, tourbillion or Perpetual calendar can set you back 10s of thousands of pounds or more! And when precious metal and stones get involved prices become truly astronomical! However, as we have shown, there is always a watch for any budget! However much you are looking to spend you’ll be sure to find your perfect watch at!

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