Breitling Avenger Hurricane 50 (XB0170E41I1S1): Hands on review.

Today we have with us the Breitling Avenger Hurricane 50 as part of The Watch Source Preowned website. Breitling themselves describe the Avenger Hurricane 50 as “beyond superlatives”. We’ll put to test their bold claims and see just how standout the Avenger Hurricane 50 really is!

DSC_1302Breitling themselves describe the Avenger Hurricane 50 as “beyond superlatives”. Bold claims, just how impressive is it?


It is no secret whatsoever, that Breitling is a brand centred around aviation. Since its conception by Leon Breitling in 1882 the brand began making pocket watches for civilian and military applications growing as the aviation industry developed into the 20th century. The Avenger Hurricane 50 is no exception to the brand’s aviation heritage and is deeply rooted in the brands’ core ethos of functionality, legibility and dependability. Being named after the unmistakable British wartime fighter the ‘Hawker Hurricane’. The Hurricane’s historical significance being the highest scoring fighter in the Battle of Britain means its Breitling namesake’s aviation links are unmistakeable.


The first thing that struck me about this watch was the weight. This piece weighing in at only 107g with the strap! To compare, that’s a whole 62g lighter than a standard steel Breitling Colt. This is all the more surprising when the weight of this watch is compared to the scale of it. Measuring in at an impressive 50mm wide and 16.97mm tall. This in part is due to Breitling’s trademarked polymer case material ‘Breitlight®’. Breitling claim ‘Breitlight®’ is 3.3x lighter than titanium while being 5.8x stronger than steel. Breitling also claim the plastic composite case is “exceptional resistance to scratches, traction, and corrosion; anti-magnetic, anti-allergenic properties; as well as a warmer ‘touch’ than metal and a slightly mottled effect accentuating its originality.” This is true as the second thing that quickly struck me after getting hands on with the Avenger Hurricane 50 is the coal like look of the case. With streaks of grey mixed in with the matte black of the case, similar to that of forged carbon. The uni-directional bezel is made from the same material, following the bold and rugged look of the case, the bezel has deeply engraved numerals and minute markers, adding a real depth to the casework when combined with the raised quarter hour markers and 12 O’clock bezel pip, contrasting with the black case. The bezel action is smooth, movement requires just the right amount of effort to ensure it is not adjusted accidentally, while not needing excessive force to adjust. Clear clicks with movement and precise alignment with the internal minute track.

DSC_1340Side by side, the Avenger 50 dwarfs the Colt, yet weighs noticeably lighter despite being a Tri-compax chrono!

The most eye catching aspect of this watch is the dial, with a bright yellow dial colour scheme it compliments the dark matte case perfectly. Furthermore, when combined with the yellow accents of the military style canvas and rubber hybrid strap gives the perfect combination of dark and light colouration. The photos speak for themselves and words do little to describe how much the yellow dial really pops from the case work. Despite this, it doesn’t burn out the smaller details of the dial, the numerals in their military style text are shadowed by a darker orange colour giving more depth to the dial, especially where the numerals are raised slightly due the lume fill. With mostly black text making up the minute track for the dial and chronograph totaliser dials, rehort print, outlining the lume filled hour markers and the Breitling branding. the Breitling winged ‘B’ is applied in polished stainless steel highlighting the famous logo in the right lighting conditions. the hands are in a sand blasted finish and maintains the military style and function in avoiding excessive light glare for pilots. This explains the matte black finish of the ‘Breitlight®’ case and the glare proof coating on both sides of the sapphire crystal which gives off a very attractive blue when reflecting light. The minute track is standard for Breitling, clear with no messing around. However, it is on the dial rehort where things get more interesting, fitted with a ‘1/100th H dial’ the dial rehort is printed with markers dividing the hour into 100ths. (Note: I had to delve into the Breitling instructions for this one!) for example 36 minutes is 0.6 of an hour. This feature is to make it easier to read off the minutes scale on a decimal base. The dial also has accents of red, marking the lumed tip of the chronograph seconds hand and dividing the chronograph minutes totaliser into 5 minute intervals. the Tri-compax chronograph layout gives the dial an even and pleasing aesthetic with a date aperture at the 4:30 position.



The Hurricane Avenger 50 is fitted with the manufacture Calibre ‘Breitling 01’. this movement is an automatic self winding mechanism as is highlighted on the dial with stand out red ‘AUTOMATIC’ text on the dial beneath the hand set. this movement houses 47 jewels to keep the movement and chronograph mechanism running smoothly with a vibration rate of 28,800 v.p.h, giving the sub-dial second hand and chronograph seconds hand a smooth and faultless sweep. A power reserve of approximately 70hrs will mean you can take the watch off on Friday evening and have it running and ready to wear on Monday morning. The tri-compax 1/4th second, 30 minutes, 12 hours chronograph will fulfil all your possible timing needs. With the chronograph mechanism giving a satisfying activation and reset from the large pushers at 2 & 4 O’clock. Finishing off with a 4:30 date aperture.


The strap fitted to our Breitling Avenger 50 here at here at TWC Preowned, visually, is a perfect fit. Adding to the yellow and black colour scheme the hybrid strap is military style canvas on top with yellow rubber side wall and under layer, with an easily adjustable push button deployant clasp. The strap is deceiving malleable for its thickness and means despite the size of the watch it can be worn on almost any wrist size.



I’m not supposed to show my opinion. But, the Breitling Hurricane Avenger 50 is a stunning watch. Visually, it is unmistakable. Not just due to its immense measurements but the complimenting yellow and black combination leads to a striking overall aesthetic that is undeniably ‘Breitling’! Despite the hulking size of the Avenger 50 you don’t need wrists like tree trunks to pull this one off and with the forgiving hybrid strap it can comfortably be worn on most wrist sizes. In conclusion, whether its the massive size, bold colour scheme or versatile military design we will miss this standout watch when it leaves us. For further pictures of this stunning piece please view the below gallery. Or, to check it out yourself, find it at .





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