Automatic Watch Time-lapse – Oris Luxury Swiss Watch [HD]

See inside this transparent automatic Oris watch to see how it works.
Most mass made watches have a quartz movement; but, luxury watches usually have an automatic movement to keep time.

An automatic watch (or self-winding watch) works by the kinetic energy of the wearers wrist, to power the movement of the watch.

1. As the watch is moved, it rotates a rotor that winds up the mainspring where the movement stores it’s energy reserve. This can be seen uncurling on the bottom right of the clip.

2. Then the gear train in the bottom left corner transfers it’s energy to the escapement.

3. Centre left, the escapement measures out this energy into regular packets of energy.

4. Now at top of the movement the balance wheel oscillates backwards and forwards at a constant rate to keep a second lasting a second and an hour an hour.

5. Then at specified number of beats, another dial train will transfer the organised packets of energy to the hands of the watch.

6. Because of this the hands can now move, and we can tell the time.

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The swiss made automatic watch in this video is, an Oris Artelier Translucent Skeleton, with a Reference number of 01 734 7684 4051-07 8 21 77.
This time-lapse was taken over 20 minutes and condensed into 15 seconds.

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