Case finishes: Part I

There's a lot of tricky terminology when it comes to watches. These can be quite confusing, especially when you're new in the watch game! And one that comes up particularly frequently is the word 'finish'. The finish is the manufacturing process where the surface texture of a metal is manipulated to give it an attractive … Continue reading Case finishes: Part I

Top 16 Dive Watches In 2016: An Opinion – Part 2 Blancpain + Ulysse Nardin + Omega

If for whatever reason you don't want a Rolex then take a look at the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe. It's water resistant to the usual 300m, is a more comfortable 43mm wide (and 13.40mm deep) and even includes a transparent case back, which is a feature less often found on dive watches; though, this may be due to the increased thickness they give a watches case, the perceived weakness that they give and the additional cost involved.