The Watch Buyers Guide – Size

Another thing to consider is the size of the watch in relation to you. Get a watch that matches your wrist proportions, otherwise it risks looking out-of-place. Case diameters up to 31mm are considered standard for ladies watches. Whereas 31mm to 39mm are what we call ‘midsize’ watches and are the sizes that women go for when looking for a larger watch, and men who have smaller wrists chose. Between 36mm and 39mm are the sizes that most traditional mens dress watches are usually made in.

Panerai PAM 00088 15-3-16 3

Mens watches are sized at 39mm and larger, sometimes being as wide as 60mm. Also to consider is the watches thickness and practicality; is a Rolex Deepsea, with a 17.6mm case depth really going to fit under a shirt cuff? Then there are extrusions like the lugs where the strap is connected to the watch, and the crown and pusher buttons. On large watches they can have a tendency to dig into the wearers wrist during the time it’s worn, and may not be comfortable for prolonged use, especially if engaging in sports.